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Who We Are

      Dr. Jeff Bertrand, D.C., B.S. graduated from Parker college in 1997.  He was born and raised right here in Sulphur, LA.  He has practiced here since 2003.  He is committed to total wellness and living an optimal lifestyle. Holistic Chiropractic corrective care is based on the philosophy that the power that made the body will heal the body. This holistic view sees the body as a "whole," and maintains that in order to be pain-free, energetic, and have a healthy immune system, your spine must be properly aligned so that your nervous impulses are free to carry information to all areas in your body. 

     As a chiropractor and health coach, I am passionate about  providing my patients with the most effective natural approach to wellness health care. By using the newest, most advanced equipment in Chiropractic, I am able to pinpoint what area of the spine is causing nervous system interference . With removal of nervous interference, the body is able to heal itself and thereby fixing the problem." 


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2950 Maplewood Drive, Sulphur, La 70663

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Who Are We
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