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Our Patients Speak Out

”Before seeing Dr Bertrand many of my days off were spent in bed suffering from headaches and on days I worked it was necessary to take pain pills to get thru the day.  Im now able to enjoy life more due to a lack of headaches.  Dr Bertrand is very professional and concerned about my well being.  If someone was considering having Dr Bertrand as their chiropractor I would tell them that I do not think they could find a doctor any better than Dr Bertrand”

             -Randy Dean


 “I had been having headaches for several years and my neck was stiff.  I couldn’t move it normally. I was living on Ibuprofen because of the headaches and neck pain.   At its worse I would be in bed with a cold rag on my head and sick to my stomach.  Every noise would feel like my head was going to explode!  I couldn’t function normal and was grumpy a lot!  After seeing Dr Bertrand it’s very rare if I have a headache or neck ache anymore.  I think clearer, walk easier, exercise better and even sleep better.  I enjoy not hurting every day.  Since seeing Dr Bertrand I’ve felt better than I have in years!  Im like a new person physically and mentally.  He truly cares about his patients and takes the time to explain how Chiropractic works and why.  Everyone should try it, you will definitely come back.”

              -Opal Price


"After seeing my MD for severe pain in my leg, knee and lower back I was told I needed surgery or injections for my pinched nerve.  I didn’t want either.  I decided to go see Dr Bertrand.  I now no longer take pain pills.  I was on the pills around the clock for about a month.  The pills created other problems for me.  Dr Bertrand is easy to talk to, down to earth and very pleasant.  Go see him!  He cares about his patients.  I’m so glad that I went to see him.  I now do my house work again and sleep without pain."

              -Dorothy Young


"Dr Bertrand I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you.  I cant tell you enough how wonderful it feels to be able to turn my head freely and without pain.   I had no idea how beneficial your working on my spine could be and that I went almost twelve years with such tightness and pain in my neck and how quickly it went away after a few visits with you. 

Being a registered nurse, I was somewhat hesitant to come see you.  For some unknown reason, some medical doctors do not encourage the use of a Chiropractors services.  How I wish I could change that, because what you did for me in just a short time, the traditional methods of treatment did nothing.  I am still amazed at the immediate results that occurred when you gave me and adjustment. 

I also want to let you know how impressed I’ve been with your professional and friendly attitude toward myself, as well as my husband and my children.  You’ve made us feel very welcomed.  We plan to continue seeing you as I convinced, based on the research I have done, that the services that a chiropractor provides definitely promotes strong immune systems and healthier bodies.  Thank you again!”

              -Carol Smith


“I took my 10 year old daughter to Dr Bertrand for her asthma.  She labored a lot to breathe and had pneumonia twice.  After seeing Dr Bertrand she hasn’t needed her inhaler in over three months!  Along with some natural remedies he recommended she is doing great!  Dr Jeff is great with kids and all three of my kids love him!”

              -Holly Schierlinger


“I went to Dr Bertrand because my back hurt, I had headaches and could not sleep.   Since going to Dr Bertrand my back feels better and im sleeping all night.  I have no more headaches either.  I  have more energy now that I sleep better.  He is very nice and has helped me a lot.  I definitely recommend going to him.   It is a smart choice!”

              -Megan Turpin


“I had been having neck pain for a couple of months.  It was very painful and affecting my sleep.  I had no previous experience with chiropractic.  Since seeing Dr Bertrand the pain is gone and has not returned.  I have made remarkable progress.  I am better able to deal with stress and minor injuries now.  Thank you for your care Dr Bertrand.”

              -Jack Simmons


“I had been having headaches for over 18 years.   At my worst I would have to stop all activities and just go to sleep.  This was affecting my family and my work.  I never had any previous experience with Chiropractic or what it was all about.  Since beginning care with Dr Bertrand I have not had a headache in over 2 weeks now when I was having them daily before.  I have been so motivated now and have a lot of energy!   I have been very happy.  I have been very pleased with the way that I have been worked on according to my schedule and how they handled my insurance.  Its been a great experience!”

              -Jackie Hodges


“I sought care with Dr Bertrand to see I could get relief for my persistent migraines.  I would be bed ridden and vomiting for days with them.  I never really thought about Chiropractic before hearing about Dr Bertrand from a friend.  I have tried medications and relaxation techniques but that never really helped much or stopped them.  Since going to Dr Bertrand my headaches have decreased DRAMATICALLY!   Now that the headaches have decreased in severity and frequency I am able to function again!”

              -Jodi Tyra


“My back had been hurting for a long time.   I was really bad and hard for me to play my favorite sport of soccer.  Since seeing Dr Bertrand my back doesn’t hurt nearly as much and I don’t get hurt as often now while playing soccer.  I just feel more comfortable now.  He is GREAT! “

              Tansey Hernandez


“I had been having pain in my lower back for about 2 weeks.  I couldn’t bend at the hips and it hurt to sleep.  I couldn’t even work.  I never really heard much about Chiropractic before Dr Bertrand but since going to him the pain is gone and most important I feel more relaxed.  I can sleep better and do daily activities again.  Dr Bertrand has been great…absolutely no complaints.  Everyone is very friendly and I look forward to coming in each time.”

              -Jerry Leach


“I had been having neck and back pain for many years.  My back would go out at times that I could not even stand up completely for days even AFTER the emergency room, pain shots and muscle relaxers.  After Dr Bertrand I am able to bend and stoop again.  I can also turn my head and neck better.  Chiropractic has kept me out of surgery.  I am back to doing many things again that I was physically unable to do.  This is a wonderful treatment center.  The positive cheerful attitudes and atmosphere help you feel better just coming here.  There ability to work with everyone’s financial life is making this affordable to everyone.”

              -Sandy Smith


“I had been having frequent headaches for 2 to 3 years.  The headaches were becoming more frequent and the pain was getting worse.  Since going to Dr Bertrand the headaches have decreased in frequency and the pain is not nearly as bad.  My PMS symptoms have also improved as well has having more energy and having to take less asprin.  I have referred many people with various ailments to Dr Bertrand.  He is very energetic, friendly, knowledgeable and always makes us feel welcomed.”

              -Tricia McCray


“I came to Dr Bertrand for my lower back and upper back pain that was going on for about 5 years.  The pain affected my left side, lower back and was a constant nagging ache.  I had never gone to a Chiropractor before Dr Bertrand.  I tried massages, Jacuzzi baths, medications etc and nothing worked.  Dr Bertrand has alleviated the majority of my pain.  Especially my lower back and mid back.  When pain does flare up it really does help a lot.  I feel more relaxed and less stressed out now.  I really appreciate the wonderful care that I have received at the Bertrand Family Chiropractic clinic.”

              -Jim Wheat


“I was having migraines for 25 years and lower back pain for 5 years.  The migraines were becoming more frequent…sometimes 3 or 4 a month and almost debilitating.  The low back pain was excruciating at its worst and I couldn’t enjoy outdoor photography or hiking.  I had been considering seeing a Chiropractor for a long time but just hadn’t taken the time in my life for healthcare.  Medications gave temporary relief at best and sometimes not at all.  A year ago this week I had to stand and watch as my sisters climbed steep hillsides looking for crystals in Arkansas.  NOW I can do all the activities I love to do and am pain free during and after the activity thanks to Dr Bertrand!  I have had only one bad migraine in the past 7 months and a couple of muscle spasms in lower back but no severe pain like before.  My progress has given me enjoyment with my hobbies.  Dr Bertrand is friendly and shows great compassion for all his patients.  One really feels like they are part of the Bertrand Family here!"

              -Lynn McCarty

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